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Dr. Jim Jansen

Dr. Jim Jansen is a principal scientist in the AI group of the Qatar Computing Research Institute, a professor with the College of Science and Engineering, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, and an adjunct professor with the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University.  He is a graduate of West Point and has a Ph.D. in computer science from Texas A&M University, along with master's degrees from Texas A&M (computer science) and Troy State (international relations). See Jim Jansen's website

Software Engineers

MSc. Soon-gyo Jung

MSc. Soon-gyo Jung is an accomplished software engineer currently working at Qatar Computing Research Institute in Doha, Qatar. With a solid background in computer science, data science, and analytics, he specializes in developing data-driven and data-intensive systems using research-oriented software engineering techniques. In addition to software engineering, He also possesses expertise in a range of roles including software architecture, full-stack web development, data architecture, data engineering, AI engineering, prompt engineering, and prototyping. This diverse skill set allows him to deliver holistic solutions that effectively address complex problems. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Software from Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea (2014), and a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea (2016).

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Kholoud Khalil Aldous

Kholoud Khalil Aldous is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Qatar Computing Research Institute. She got her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Qatar University. She has a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from Hamad Bin Khalifa University.


Research Associates/Assistants

Johanne Medina

Johanne Medina is a Research Associate at Qatar Computing Research Institute. She holds a BSc. in Computer Engineering and an MSc. in Data Science and Engineering both from Hamad bin Khalifa University. Aside from her interest in academic research, Johanne also provides an expertise in full-stack web and app development and specialization in AI and Machine Learning. In her work in QCRI, her areas of focus include mobile-learning in progressive education, social media analytics, and user personas.

Jinan Azem

Jinan Azem is a Research Assistant at Qatar Computing Research Institute. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar with a B.S.c in Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration.


Research Collaborators

Dr. Joni Salminen

Dr. Joni Salminen works as an associate professor at the University of Vaasa. His current research interests are heavily focused on personas, including automatic persona generation from social media data, persona perceptions, biases in data-driven personas, optimal number of personas, and so on.

Dr. Ali Farooq

Dr. Ali Farooq is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University of Strathclyde. As a researcher, he uses theoretical knowledge from sociology, psychology, and economics to understand individual-level human-technology interactions, especially security and privacy behaviors. Investigating the impacts of technology on individuals using theory-based approaches and improving the learning and engagement of the future and existing cybersecurity workforce are his other areas of interest. He received his bachelor's equivalent degree in computer science from International Islamic University Islamabad, an MSc.(Tech.) and a DSc.(Tech.) degrees from the University of Turku, Finland, and a Commonwealth MBA (Executive) through the Commonwealth of Learning.

Ilkka Kaate

Ilkka Kaate works as a doctoral student in marketing at the University of Turku. Ilkka also works as a digital marketing entrepreneur. Ilkka’s current research focuses on personas, deepfakes, and persona perceptions. Ilkka holds a double master’s degree in both economics and geography. In his free time Ilkka likes to act in theatre, sing in two choirs, and sing on his own and play the guitar and the bass.