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Name2GAN predicts a name's most likely demographics. 'GAN' comes from Gender, Age, Nationality. For Age, Name2GAN returns the median living [name string]'s age.

How to cite

Jung, S., Salminen, J., and Jansen, B. J. (2020). Name2GAN (Version 1.2) [Computer software]. Qatar Computing Research Institute.


This tool is intended primarily for population-level analysis, and should not be used for automating individual-level decisions without ensuring there is no risk for algorithmic harm in the particular application of use.
Name2GAN determines the demographic probabilities for a given name based on analysis of data from millions of public profiles from many online communities spanning nearly every county. Some of these profiles contain other attributes in place of name (e.g., organization, job title, nickname, adjective, and so on) that may correlate with gender, age, or country.

Version history

Version 1.2 -2020.12
- Weighted by the world population for the country determination
- Additional cleaning/data handling approach
Version 1.1 - 2020.11
- Added newly collected data items including Qatari names (this version consists of 114M data items)
- Applied additional consideration for the country prediction
- Started to provide the baselines of the determination in the result and visualization for a single input
Version 1.0 - 2020.08
- Initial version 8.5M data items from multiple online communities and Wikidata

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