Analytics Systems are Sporadic Use but Constant Collection

sporadic use constant collection
Analytics Systems are Sporadic Use but Constant Collection

Analytics systems are information services that are used to analyze and interpret data to gain insights, identify patterns, and support decision-making processes.

Analytics systems are one of the unique information services that are a combination of sporadic use but require constant data collection.

Sporadic or occasional use information systems are information services that are used only as needed or on an infrequent basis, usually in response to some external need, desire, or objective. These sporadic use systems support specific tasks or activities that are not part of an organization’s daily operations or workflow, such as preparing a one-time report or analyzing data for a special project. However, these sporadic tasks can be extremely important to an organization.

Therefore, sporadic use systems should not be measured by the number of users, frequency of logins, etc. but by their ability to provide useful information when it is needed. Examples of sporadic use information systems include ad hoc reporting systems, event management systems, project management systems – and analytics systems!

However, analytics systems must also be instantaneously responsive when they are needed.

To do this, analytics systems must also be constant collection systems – the data must already be available and processed, ready to respond to the task at hand.

Constant collection systems are information services that continuously collect data from one or more sources and store it for analysis and reporting. These constant collection systems are designed to support real-time monitoring and decision-making processes by providing timely and accurate information. The collected data can be used for various purposes, such as traffic monitoring, weather forecasting, predictive maintenance, supply chain management, or customer understanding for tasks such as content creation, marketing, or product sales. Examples of constant data collection information systems include sensor networks, real-time monitoring systems, Internet of Things (IoT) systems – and analytics systems!

Analytics systems are sporadic use services that require constant data collection. Analytic systems typically process large volumes of data from various sources, apply statistical and mathematical algorithms, and present the results in the form of reports, dashboards, or visualizations – such as algorithmic personas. Analytics systems serve a variety of purposes … usually sporadic use tasks! … , such as including marketing analytics, financial analytics, operational analytics, and predictive analytics. These purposes all benefit from constant data collection.

The goal of analytics systems is to transform data into actionable information that can be used to drive business value. To do this, analytics are used sporadically but require constant data collection.

Analytics system are Sporadic Use but Constant Collection!