Core Elements of a Web Analytics Process

Here is a description of a web analytics process with just the core stages.

Core Stages of a Web Analytics Process
Core Stages of a Web Analytics Process

The core of a Web analytics process consists of four essential stages, shown below.

  • Collecting data: At this stage, you collect the basic, elementary data. Typically, these data are counts of things or events.
  • Processing of data into information: At this stage, you generally take most of the counts and convert them into ratios, although there are still some counts. You are transforming your data into information, specifically metrics.
  • Infusing KPI into information: At this stage, you focus on those ratios (and counts) and infuse them with elements of your organization or business strategies. These business elements are referred as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Many times, KPIs deal with conversion aspects, but not always.
  • Formulating online strategy from KPI analysis: These strategic elements are the online goals, objectives, and standards for your organization or business. Usually, these strategies are related to making money, saving money, or increasing marketshare.

Each stage impacts (or can impact) the stage preceding or following it. So, sometimes the data that you *can* collect impacts your online strategy. Other times, your online strategy affects the data you collect.