Is an organization ready for using personas?

Is an organization ready for using personas?
Is an organization ready for using personas?

Our research team has conducted a series of research studies examining when and how organizations can effectively use personas.

Some findings are:
(a) Personas for social good are primarily exploratory and focused on initial methodology development.
(b) We develop and validate the Persona Readiness Scale (PRS), a survey instrument to measure organizational readiness for personas. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated a good fit with five dimensions: Culture readiness, Knowledge readiness, Data and systems readiness, Capability readiness, and Goal readiness.
(c) The choice of algorithm is a crucial step in data-driven user segmentation because the algorithm fundamentally impacts the demographic attributes of the generated personas and thus influences how decision-makers view the user population.
(d) There are a plethora of issues that plague the implementation of data-driven personas within organizations.
(e) We outline and discuss details of a three-step data-driven-personas process consisting of educate, invest, and employ.

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