What is people data?

What is people data?
What is people data?

People data are datasets describing people, including but not limited to behaviors, demographics, pain points, or attitudes.


People Data

Cleanliness Typically has a high percentage of missing values and (depending on the data collection) errors. Depending on the data collection methods can have a very low error percentage.
Interaction Typically edited and added to with changes that become part of the dataset.
Size Usually on the smaller side, as measured by data rows, often ranging from 100 to 100,000 rows
Source Usually from trace data (i.e., data created by people in the ‘wild’) or surveys
Value Comes from visualizing in meaningful ways, using appropriate modeling, and tied to KPIs
Stability Generally unstable requiring frequent creation of new or updated datasets
Structure Frequently changes in structure, with adding or removing new dimensions
Systems Created, stored, and analyzed on a variety of systems

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